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Mental Health First Response and Brief Services

CMHA Lambton Kent has a number of mental health first response and brief services.

Brief Services

Individuals experiencing symptoms of Depression and Anxiety can receive support from a mental health professional in the areas of illness education and management, crisis planning and relapse prevention. Through group work and/or 6 – 12 individual appointments with a Social Worker, individuals will learn about moderate mental illness and how it impacts health and overall functioning, and will learn healthy and effective strategies to manage their unique symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Health Care Referral Forms for Health Care Practitioners and Psychiatrists
Mental Health First Response

Chatham Kent Mental Health Crisis Line: Phone 519-436-6100 or 1-866-299-7447
Lambton Mental Health Crisis Line: Phone 519-336-3445 or 1-800-307-4319

Open 24 hours per day including weekends and holidays, the Crisis Line is available to anyone in Lambton County and Kent County who is experiencing mental health problems or crisis.  Service includes telephone crisis intervention (mental health status assessment, suicide intervention), referrals, and family support (information regarding options for assisting a loved one in mental health crisis).  The Crisis Line is also available to healthcare providers seeking assistance navigating community resources.

Telephone and mobile assistance is delivered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Mental Health First Response Team

To access services please contact our Mental Health First Response Team at either our Chatham or Sarnia Branch.

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